Hot Air Balloon finally available to people with reduced mobility

Physical and mental disable invades air sports more and more.
For a short time, air balloning has offered opportunities in Belgium.

Through a basket with a side door and a bucket seat, the balloon flight is available to any physical or mental disability.

The Belgian Balloon Club will be present during the whole meeting with its easy acces basket.

Free access to the site

The access to see the preparation of the takeoffs is completely free and easy access to disable person.
A large parking is available near the site of flight.

Price for a first flight in hot air balloon

for a disable person + 1 or 2 accompanying :

Morning flight (06:30 AM) : 390 € for 3 people max.

Evening flight (06:30 PM) : 450 € for 3 people max.

In practice

A disable person must always be accompanied.  The basket can carry 1 or 2 attendants.  A vehicle suitable for disable people has to follow the vehicle of the crew.
In case of special request, please contact us.


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In case of cancellation of the flight for safety reasons, you can choose either to reschedule the flight to another date or to get a refund except 30 € for organizational costs.

We thank you and look forward to meeting and sharing with you our passion for ballooning.