Discover the ballonning and its passionate. You will see the preparation of the hot air balloons, attend the swelling of these huge balloons and admire dozens of takeoffs in the sky of Han-sur-Lesse.

During four days, morning and evening, dozens of hot air balloons will take off from the “Dry Hamptay” plain to offer you a beautiful and colorful sight show. The magic of gravity laws will give you a true moment of dream and poetry. Take your cameras or open your eyes. A real firework in daylight appears before your eyes …

During this long weekend, hot air balloons will take off 7 times:

Thursday evening around 07:00 PM
Friday morning around 07:00 AM
Friday evening around 07:00 PM
Saturday morning around 07:00 AM
Saturday evening around 19:00 PM
Sunday morning around 07:00 AM
Sunday night around 19:00 PM

Subject to favorable weather conditions!

To watch the balloons take off, acces is completely free.
Ample parking is provided near the flight plain
The price for a balloon flight is detailed in our pages via the “Price list” menu

In the morning, about thity balloons will take off from the “Dry Hamptay” plain, and in the evening there will be forty hot air balloons invading the sky of Han-sur-Lesse.

To fly safely, balloons need a stable air mass
The warming of the earth by the sun causes convection phenomena which create unstable air mass
Therefore, the balloons take off either at sunrise or two hours before sunset

Have a look at the program, you will be surprised