You have dreamt of it for a long time, here’s your chance !

Book your first flight and climb aboard a hot air balloon.

About one hour flight surrounded by several dozens of other balloons, each more beautiful than the other.

You prepare the hot air balloon with the balloonist and you are in the heart of the event.

The balloons stand up around you, you don’t know where to look, adrenaline invades your body until the pilot invites you to embark in his wicker basket.

Then everything becomes magical. The gentle ascent takes place with no shock and no vibration. You are suspended, fully floating, above the”Famenne”.

You are invaded by new sensations, your senses are in turmoil and you discover colors, shapes, sounds in a new dimension. Pleasure in its purest form…

To watch the balloons take off, access is completely free.
Ample parking is provided near the flight plain.
The price for a balloon flight is detailed in our pages vis the “Price list” menu

For safely resons, children can board whether they measure 1.20 m and if they are accompanied by an adult.

Depending on the wind and the region overflown, a balloon flight lasts approximately 50 minutes.  If we count the time of preparation, flight, storage and come back, this makes roughly three to four hours of activities..

As soon as the balloon takes off, it is carried away by the wind.  Depending on direction and wind speed, you will browse several kilometers.  The pilot will choose a welcoming place to land safely, but this choice will be done at the end of the flight.  You will therefore go on an adventure…

Not knowing the place of landing, a crew will follow the balloon by the road with a vehicle and a trailer.  They are the ones who are responsible for bringing passengers, pilot and equipment to the starting point whereever the balloon has landed.  It is an important mission for the flight to be enjoyable for all participants.